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Eliminating Pet Odors From Your Apartment

Eliminating Pet Odors From Your ApartmentPets are part of the family, but as any pet owner will tell you, as much as we love them, they really do stink sometimes! To ensure you’re able to get your security deposit back at the end of your lease, you’ll want to make sure your dog or cat doesn’t leave their lasting impression on the smell of your apartment, and there are ways you can eliminate pet odors from every room of your space easily. You want to enjoy your pets, not smell them, and with a few simple tips, you don’t have to.

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure the cleaners and odor eliminators you use around your apartment are pet-safe, and this means even researching natural cleaning methods. For instance, even essential oils like tea tree, thyme, and citrus can be toxic to dogs and cats, so make sure to check the level of pet safety before scrubbing away with your chosen cleansers. 

Your best friend in eliminating pet odors from your apartment is actually something that you probably have sitting in your pantry or refrigerator already. Baking soda, which many don’t know is actually a primary ingredient in many carpet cleaning powders, can eliminate pet odors from carpets, furniture, and various fabrics, and using it couldn’t be simpler. In any areas of the home where pet odors have begun to make their appearance, sprinkle a little baking soda on the carpets and any affected fabrics, allow to sit overnight, and simply vacuum up in the morning. The baking soda will soak up the odors quickly and efficiently, and the best part is that it’s completely pet-safe. 

Sometimes pets can act out, and when they act out, urinating in places where they shouldn’t is a common action. Eliminating pet urine odors from carpets and fabrics can be a real challenge, but your best bet against having any odors or stains set into your apartment’s carpet is to treat the accidents as promptly as possible. Check the spots your pet likes to hang out most, and should you feel any wetness or smell any odor, treat the entire area with a fabric safe enzymatic pet odor neutralizer. 

Lastly, one of the best and simplest methods in eliminating pet odors is to simply open the windows. The circulation of fresh air in your apartment will help to get the pet smell out, and it’s something that takes only a couple of seconds to do! 

If you’re looking for a new apartment for you and your pet, contact us today to see what we have available for you!