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3 Tips For Getting A Pet

3 Tips For Getting A PetIt used to be that people who chose to rent in living spaces like apartments had a lot of limitations compared to homeowners. These days, however, that’s not always such a given. Apartment life, especially if you’re “right in the heart of action” in a dense, urban center, is often the preferred, far more convenient way to live. And the one advantage that homeowners often touted over apartment dwellers, the ability to own any type of pet they wanted, is something that’s no longer such an open and shut case. Today’s apartments often have regulations in place that allow for pets, but there are a few things you should look into before you commit to having some kind of animal companionship.

Be Realistic About Your Commitment

This is probably the single most important step to take. Everyone has had a special moment with a furry friend like a dog or cat while visiting someone else’s home. But there’s a big difference between being a visitor playing with a friendly animal, and being a pet owner that needs to look after this animal’s well-being on a daily basis.

Look at your lifestyle and what your demands are with your daily schedule. Something like an aquarium may not be as cuddly and affectionate as a dog or a cat, but it also doesn’t have to be taken out for walks, or have its litter box cleaned.

Make Sure The Pet Is A Good Fit For Your Space

While it’s not everyone’s #1 choice, the cat is quickly rising up the ranks as one of the more popular pets in America. One reason for that is that cats are very good in smaller spaces like apartments. Unlike larger dogs, cats do not have any requirement to be taken out for walks where they can get exercise or work off their toilet activities.

If the apartment you’re thinking of does allow pets, take a good hard look at the space available, and see if your pet of choice is compatible with it. A German Shepherd might not be the best choice for an apartment complex, but a Chihuahua or a cat? That’s probably very realistic.

Make Sure You Can Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

In a lot of ways, bringing a pet into your home is similar to actually choosing and adding a new member of your family. You’re going to have to make changes to your life as a pet owner, and depending on the type of animal you have, this will change the nature of your home as well.

Cats, for example, don’t need to be taken out to urinate or defecate, because they use a litter box instead. However, this means you’ll need to find a location in your apartment where you’re comfortable with putting in a litter box and making sure your cat has easy access to it.

Both cats and dogs should also have toys and other diversions they can bite, scratch and play with in the home, otherwise curiosity—or plain old boredom—will direct them to the furniture instead. If your furniture is expensive, this will be a very painful lesson to learn.

If you’re looking for an apartment that has a pet-friendly policy, don’t be afraid to ask us! Call or email Lockwood Management to see what we can do for you.