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6 Things To Do When You’re Apartment Hunting

6 Things To Do When You’re Apartment HuntingIf you’re taking the plunge and thinking of moving to another part of the country, state, or city, you may be considering moving into an apartment. If you don’t have much experience with apartment life, or finding an apartment, don’t worry. We’ve got some tips here for you to consider as you begin your hunt, which can save you a lot of trouble.

Google Is Your Friend

In the 21st century, this should almost go without saying, but it bears repeating, looking up a place of interest online can yield tons of valuable information. You can often find user reviews of apartment complexes you’re interested in and get useful resident’s information that may reaffirm your decision, or let you know that this is not a good idea after all. Doing homework never hurts.

Check The Phone Reception

Don’t just assume that because you have a cellular phone, it is going to work flawlessly in the building. Lots of things, including the wireless electronics of other residents and even the building materials themselves, can interfere with a cellular phone signal. If you rely on your cell phone as your primary means of communication and don’t want to get a traditional landline phone, check to make sure your phone will work when you’re apartment hunting.

Try The Plumbing

This is an especially important point if you’re a stickler for water pressure in showers. Turn on the faucets, flush the toilet, and run the shower to see if the water pressure is to your liking. Once you’ve moved in, you’re committed to this level of water pressure. Since it’s not actually broken, there’s no need for a landlord to repair it on request.

Check Out The Neighborhood

You might love the apartment itself, but what about the location the apartment is in? Does it have things you need? If you’re not car owner, how “walkable” is this area with regards to access to food, restaurants, public transportation, and other amenities? Is this a safe neighborhood, or is one of the reasons the rent is such a bargain is because it’s in a high crime area? Make sure you know all this while you’re apartment hunting.

Check Out Closets, Cabinets & Cupboards

You’ll be looking for holes, especially in the kitchen area. If you find holes in cupboards and cabinets, this may be a sign that you’ll have rodent visitors once they realize food is in the apartment. Unfortunately, unlike a house, an apartment building doesn’t localize the rodent infestation to just your space, so just trying to trap the mice or rats visiting your unit may do nothing to help the overall rodent problem in the building.

Make Sure Your Furniture Can Fit

There is nothing worse than finding the perfect apartment, in a great location, with everything you love, only to realize on moving day that your bed isn’t going to be able to make it into your new home. If at all possible, take measurements of your big furniture that you know you’ll be bringing along and compare that with stairwells, doors, elevators or anything else they will need to fit through.

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