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Apartment Or Townhome?

Apartment Or Townhome?For a lot of people looking for a place to live, the choices usually fall into either an apartment or a traditional detached home. But the townhome is another option for people to look at that provides a bit of a departure from both, being a “hybrid” living space that combines elements of these two very different structures. So why would you want to live in a townhome, rather than a house or apartment?

A Larger Space

Like a house, a townhome often has more than one floor. For people that are thinking about families, or merely need extra room for spaces like a home office, or another type of area, a townhome can often provide the living solution that an apartment can’t.

However, a townhome, unlike a detached house, is not a complete, separate unit unto itself. Usually, a townhome is part of a series of attached “row houses.” This means that one or more walls of the home are shared with other homes on either side.

A Yard Of Your Own

Most people in apartments are confined to a terrace if they want to experience the great outdoors just outside their home. A townhome, however, will often have both a front and a backyard, and even the possibility of a driveway for your own car.

Of course, this also means you may be responsible for some of the upkeep of these yard areas, including keeping the sidewalk clear during the winter. There are still common areas of the estate, just like with apartments, but your individual yard and surrounding area may be your responsibility.

Whether you’re looking for an apartment or a townhome, we can help you find the perfect place. Just get in touch with Lockwood Management and we can start narrowing down your home possibilities to the one that’s just right for you.