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Ten Packing Tips To Make Your Move Run Smooth

Ten Packing Tips To Make Your Move Run SmoothWe all know moving is a headache. However, when you’ve found your dream apartment, you have to do it. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make your move go smoothly if you plan it right. Here are ten packing tips to help make your next move the easiest move ever: 

1.    Declutter and downsize your possessions. While you are packing consider if you actually need the things you are bringing and if they will fit in the space. Otherwise, put them in a pile to take to the thrift store. Pro tip: Many thrift stores will actually come an pick up donations, so give them a call.

2.    Get an early start. You can begin packing months ahead of your move if you want. Just start with your least used items and work your way to your most. The sooner you get started, the less stress you’ll have leading up to the move.

3.    Read some packing hacks online to help you save space and keep your stuff in one piece. There are thousands of useful packing hacks online. Some of our favorite tips include using saran wrap over the contents of dresser drawers do you don’t have to pack them, placing garbage bags over your hanging clothes to keep them on their hangers for easy unpacking, and packing your places vertically to save space and avoid breaking.

4.    Use boxes made for moving with your heaviest possessions. There’s nothing worse than trying to move a box and the bottom falls out. Moving boxes have reinforced bottoms to avoid this issue.

5.    Go room by room and back to front. Packing like this helps you stay on task, determine what you need, and makes it easier for movers to grab your stuff.

6.    Label all your boxes with not just the room but the contents of the box so you can unpack in the order you want to put things away.

7.    Pack your truck with the heaviest items in the front first and make sure that everything is really secure in the truck so that shifting does cause your possessions to break. 

8.    Before unpacking have a strategy of where you plan to put things. That way you don’t just have boxes lying around for months because you don't know what to do with your stuff. 

9.    Pack your most essential items in clear totes so you can see them and easily access them.

10.    Pack an overnight bag so you don’t have to open all your boxes frantically looking for your toothpaste. Don’t forget to bring toilet paper and bottled water in your bag.

If you plan your move ahead of time and follow these tips, your move will go easy. For more moving tips and tricks, check out the blog at Lockwood Family Living. We have tons of expert tips to help you move into your new apartment headache free!