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10 Apartment-Friendly Dog Breeds

10 Apartment-Friendly Dog BreedsIf you are an apartment dweller and considering getting a dog, it’s important to understand what breeds work best in small spaces. A lot of landlords do not allow medium or larger-sized dogs because of the potential damage to the space. Furthermore, even some types of small breeds are simply not cut out for apartment living. When picking a dog to share your small space, consider one of these 10 apartment-friendly dog breeds:


1.    King Charles Spaniel: These sweet dogs are known for being cuddlers. They enjoy spending time with their owners and tend to thrive in a small space. They are also very easy to kennel train.

2.    Chihuahua: Chihuahuas are a very small breed, so most apartment complexes will approve them. They also do not require a lot of exercise, so they are fine just hanging out in a small space.

3.    Italian Greyhound: Italian Greyhounds are very small, weighing as little as 6 pounds. They are great apartment dwellers because they are a pretty lazy breed and really just love hanging out on the couch with their owners.

4.    Chinese Crested: Chinese crested dogs are low maintenance dogs. They will lie around the apartment for hours. Plus, they are super easy to groom, so your apartment will stay cleaner.

5.    Dachshund: Dachshunds are very smart and friendly dogs. Since they have such short legs, they can actually get all the exercise they need indoors, making them perfect apartment companions.

6.    Japanese Chin: Japanese Chin act more like cats than dogs, so they are ideal apartment roommates. They also require little exercise and grooming, so they are a very low maintenance breed.

7.    Maltese: Though they have long hair, they do not shed. They also love just hanging out at home. They are great companions for homebody apartment dwellers.

8.    Pug: Pugs are great apartment dwellers. Not only are they low energy, they do not tend to bark a lot which makes for happy apartment neighbors. 

9.    Havanese: Havanese are incredibly loyal dogs. They prepare staying inside with their owners and just hanging out. They are also very playful, but don’t require much outdoor exercise.

10.    Bulldog: Probably one of the laziest breeds on the planet. They love to just lie around and nap. This low maintenance breed is perfect for any busy apartment owner.

When deciding on a dog for apartment living, consider these breeds. Any of them will be perfect companions for your lifestyle. Also because of their size and behavior, most landlords will allow you to move in with them. To learn more about living with pets in your apartment, check out our blog at Lockwood Family Living.