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6 Things Every Apartment Dweller Needs

6 Things Every Apartment Dweller NeedsOne of the great things about renting an apartment or townhouse is the fact that you don’t need to own as many household items as you do when you are a homeowner. However, there are some functional things that you should consider keeping around your space that can help make your life a little easier. Here are six things we recommend every apartment dweller have on hand:

1.    Fire Extinguisher: Even if you don’t cook very often or burn candles, it’s always a good idea to have a fire extinguisher handy. If something were to happen, the time it takes to run into the hallway to get a fire extinguisher can give the fire enough time to spread. So always keep one on hand.

2.    Flashlight: Hopefully the power never goes out on your unit, but in the case it does or a light bulb blows, it’s good to have a flashlight. Also, don’t forget to have a set of spare batteries on hand.

3.    Plunger: We hope we never have to plunge the toilet, but it can be a little embarrassing to call maintenance out when the toilet gets backed up. Having a plunger means you can make this simple fix yourself.

4.    Carpet Cleaner: Carpets damage really easily, one little bump and you can find an entire bottle of merlot spilled across your carpet. If the stain stays, you could lose some of your deposit, so it’s essential to have a carpet cleaner on hand. Also, for other spills and stains we wrote an informative blog that details how to clean your carpet to make sure you get your deposit back. 

5.    First Aid Kit: First Aid Kits are incredibly important, but often forgotten. If you ever cut or burn yourself, you’ll be very glad you keep one around your apartment.

6.    Tool Kit: When you rent an apartment or townhouse, you won’t have to do much maintenance. However, a basic tool kit can be useful for when you are hanging pictures, assembling furniture, or putting up curtains. We recommend having a tool kit that contains:

●    A Level

●    Hammer

●    Screwdrivers

●    Allen Wrenches

●    Measuring Tape

●    Stud Finder

●    Pliers

●    Utility Knife

Anytime there is an issue, you’ll be glad that you own these things. So do a quick check and see if you have all these items and if not, make sure to grab them! For more tips on apartment  and townhouse dwelling, check out our blog at Lockwood Residential.