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How to Make Apartment Hunting Less Stressful

How to Make Apartment Hunting Less StressfulApartment hunting can be a very stressful and time-consuming process- especially if you are not prepared or do not know what to expect during the process. When you begin your search for your new apartment, then you should first narrow down the area in which you want to live. Is there an area you are already interested in? You will also want to ask yourself what is important to you and what you included in the area you are planning to live, as well as what amenities you want or need. 




Next, you will want to consider the budget and how much you can comfortably afford to pay each month. When looking at rental properties and prices, it is recommended that you find something that will not exceed approximately thirty percent of your paycheck. If the first neighborhood you expressed interest in is going to cost you any more than that, then consider checking the next neighborhood. Prices may vary drastically between neighborhoods, so it is always good to check before having to settle in a completely different area. 

Living Space

How much living space and square footage do you think you will need? The size depends on how many people will be living in the space. Whether you are single or have a family will determine how many bedrooms and bathrooms you may need. If you have two children, could they share a room so that you can keep the pricing a bit more affordable? If you are single, have you considered the benefits and price of having a studio apartment?


Amenities can include a gym, utilities, pool, community center, anything that the apartment complex may offer. Keep in mind, the more amenities that are offered will definitely affect the overall price. When there are amenities such as a gym or pool on the property, then you are most likely going to pay a premium for the maintenance and upkeep of these extras. Having a garage is another amenity some people may consider a deal breaker if it isn’t included. 

If you answer all these questions, you will then be better prepared for your apartment hunting process. You will have your choices and search area narrowed down, so it will be that much easier and even less stressful to find the perfect apartment without breaking the bank. 

If you need help with the apartment hunting process, then contact us at Lockwood Management today.