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The Tricky Art Of Moving To A Smaller Place

The Tricky Art Of Moving To A Smaller PlaceWhether you're moving from a single-family home, a sprawling mansion or just a large apartment to a smaller one, those who end up moving into an apartment may face a challenge in transitioning to a smaller home. 

It's more of a process than some might think - everything from decorations to the furniture needs to be considered carefully when moving into a smaller home and a few tips you might not have thought of might help make that small apartment feel so much bigger. 

  • It all starts by taking a look at what you own and what you really need to take with you. A smaller space won't have as much room for clutter, and the more items you add to a room the smaller it will feel. Focus on what you really need or want, and think about leaving the rest in storage - or selling it for some extra cash. 
  • Light and color matter as well. Dark rooms feel more confined, so try to buy some daylight-replicating bulbs for your lamps and overhead lights and think about a brighter color scheme. 
  • How much do you really need? Will a full-size sectional sofa work better than a smaller one? Is a king-sized bed really going to leave you any room in your bedroom? Sometimes making a change in furniture is all it takes to get some extra room. 
  • Learn to make the most of the space you have. A small balcony is a perfect escape from the day sometimes, but if you fill it with chairs and plants it may become cramped. Conversely, adding a few plants and a mirror to a sitting room may help it feel less industrial and more spacious. Play around with your setup and find the one that works best for you.  

All in all, your home is your refuge from the world. No matter how large or small it might be, taking the time to understand how to get the most from it is integral for enjoying your time there. Even a small apartment can give you big enjoyment if you know what to do.