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Apps That Help While Apartment Hunting

Apps That Help While Apartment HuntingTechnology has become ingrained in our daily lives, so it makes sense that it’s worked its way into apartment hunting. Apps can be an easy way to simplify the apartment hunting process, especially for millennials and those familiar with technology. What are the best apps that allow you to go apartment hunting in the palm of your hand? 


  • Lovely – The apartment hunt can quickly become frustrating when you search for a listing and fall in love with it, only to find it’s no longer available. This app eliminates that stress. With Lovely, you search by neighborhood. Need somewhere close to work? Looking for an apartment in Little Italy? This app easily eliminates the “noise” associated with apartment hunting, and allows you to eliminate apartments that you definitely won’t have an interest in. Listings are updated in real-time, so if someone beats you to the punch finding an apartment, you won’t waste any more time considering it. 
  • Zillow – Arguably the most popular apartment hunting app, you can search for an apartment while entering a number of filters, including price, location, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, and other specific amenities requests. The app also provides a “Zestimate,” or average monthly cost.
  • Trotter – Ideal for those moving from another state, this app is specifically tailored to those who have limited knowledge of the area. Trotter, which considers itself the “Lending Tree for relocation,” connects you to agents based on your requirements, such as move-in date and number of bedrooms. You’ll then deal with agents for the rest of the process, who will send you listings and help schedule showings. All Trotter agents are vetted and certified.  
  • – This app is unique in that users can upload their own pictures, much like the pictures in reviews on websites such as Yelp, Google, and Amazon. Users can get an “inside” look at apartments, instead of the professionally-taken, well-lit listing photos you see on other sites. The app also allows you to view maps and 3D floor plans. All ratings and reviews on the site are verified, which means you can be certain they were written by a previous tenant. If you can’t visit an apartment, this may be the best alternative. 
  • RentHop – This app allows you to enter criteria, and then runs algorithms to reveal the best listings in a number of cities. RentHop heavily uses quality ratings to produce a “HopScore.” A listing with a better HopScore is more accurate and complete. HopScores also account for the listing manager’s performance. You’ll have a better chance of seeing properties like Lockwood properties that are run by exceptional property managers. 

With these apps, why wait any longer? Begin your apartment hunt today!