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Entertaining In Your New Apartment – Tips For Throwing A Dinner Party

Entertaining In Your New Apartment – Tips For Throwing A Dinner PartyAfter the apartment hunting process is over and you’re fully moved in, you’ll likely want to relax and enjoy your new home. There’s no better way to celebrate the completion of the apartment hunting process than in the company of others. Consider these tips for throwing a successful dinner party in your new apartment.  


  • Arrange Accordingly – Depending on the size of your new apartment and the expected number of guests, you may have to get creative with your furniture layout. Rearrange things in a way that creates a better flow and more space. You may also want to remove things, such as furniture, to open up rooms. This may seem counterproductive since you just moved, but it’s an easy way to gain space in your apartment and allow your guests to enjoy themselves without feeling cramped. 
  • Set the Mood – Lighting and music will help set the mood for your dinner party, and will be one of the first things your guests notice when they walk in. If they first hear heavy metal or electronic dance music, your guests will probably think they are in for a wild night! Consider easy, soothing music like jazz. Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services have great pre-made playlists for hosting. In terms of lighting, avoid using overhead lights if possible. They can be too bright, which is great for daily activities but not great as atmospheric lighting. Lamps, candles, tea lights, and string lights can all be used to brighten a room while still maintaining a comfortable feel. Another benefit? If you’ve just moved and you’re insecure about parts of your apartment that you haven’t hide time to address, dimmer lights can help mask the imperfections. 
  • Enjoy the Company – This should be a relaxing night, and it’s alright if everything does not go as planned. In fact, you should plan for the night to be imperfect. If a dish is slightly overcooked, or dessert is served a little late, that’s ok. If your friends would rather play a game other than the one you had picked out, that’s ok too. The night will go on! You’re hosting so that you can enjoy each other’s companionship and celebrate your new apartment. Your friends will appreciate the fact that you took the time to host them, and certainly won’t sweat the small stuff. You shouldn’t either! 
  • Commit, and Do It Already! – Stop putting off your dinner party, and actually throw one! Your friends and family will love to see your new apartment. Hosting can help your new apartment feel more homely and can help you forget the stresses of the move. If your new apartment is unfinished or not fully decorated yet, that’s ok. Your guests will not care whether a picture is hung or not, but they will care that you’re happy in your new apartment. Don’t worry about petty details. Send the invitations out today, and have a night full of laughter and fun.