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Tips For Moving This Winter

Tips For Moving This WinterWinter is a great time to begin renting an apartment or townhome. The season is typically not a peak season for renters, and property managers may be willing to negotiate certain financial aspects of your lease as an incentive to move. But for many, the thought of moving during the bitter cold of a Michigan winter is too daunting to overcome. Utilize these tips to help make your winter move simple and efficient.  

Monitor The Weather 

Weather will be your biggest concern if you’re moving during the winter. You should monitor weather forecasts in the weeks leading up to your move. The week of your move, you should monitor the weather daily. If it’s looking like you’ll be moving in a blizzard, contact your moving company and discuss possible alternatives. 

Many moving companies are not busy during the winter, so you should be able to find another date that works. It’s better to move to your new townhome a few days later than anticipated in safe conditions, rather than trying to force a move during a snowstorm. 

Prepare Your Townhome For The Move 

Winter moves often mean snow and ice, so you should cover the floors in your townhome before moving in. With movers going in and out of your home, it’s easy for them to track in salt and mud. Not covering your floors could result in hefty cleaning costs later on. 

You should also turn the heat off when moving. Why do that when it’s so cold outside? With so many people coming and going, the heat will likely just escape through the front door, and your heating unit will be working double just to maintain some warmth. Your wallet will be thankful at the end of the month when you receive your first heating bill. 

If you’d like, you can place a space heater in one room in your home. That way, if it’s brutally cold outside, you have somewhere warm that you can escape to for a few minutes. A bathroom is the best place for this. 

Avoid Slippery Situations 

You should clear your driveway and sidewalks of snow and ice before the move. Consider putting salt down for extra traction. When packing, be mindful of the fact that it’s easier to slip in the winter, and take extra care when packing your fragile items. Double-packing can help protect fragile items from the bitter cold, as they tend to become brittle and prone to breaking. 

Dress For The Weather

You should keep your winter essentials handy in case anything goes awry during the move. There will be endless boxes to be unpacked, but you’ll definitely want access to clothing essentials. 

You should also have extra gloves on hand. Between sweat, ice, and snow, gloves can get wet quickly. 

Moving in the winter should not be a deterrent. Contact your local property manager and mover, and move into the townhome of your dreams this month.