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Life Hacks For A Winter Lifestyle

Life Hacks For A Winter LifestyleAs Michigan residents, you’ve probably grown very accustomed to bitterly cold temperatures, ice, and snow. Although annoying andtroublesome, Mother Nature’s winter wrath should not stop you from being the best version of yourself. Consider these life hacks to help conquer the cold and improve your winter lifestyle.


Life Hacks To Keep You Warm


If you’re cold in your apartment or townhome, consider these life hacks to help keep you warm.


• Automate Your Coffee Maker – Automating your coffee maker allows you to have a warm cup of coffee as soon as you wake up in the morning. Your coffee maker can also provide instant hot water, beneficial for hot chocolate, soup, and oatmeal

.• Trick Your Thermostat with Ice – Many Michigan renters, unfortunately, live in apartments where the temperature is locked. However, it may be possible to trick your thermostat into providing more heat. Your thermostat likely only senses the temperature around it. Putting an ice pack on or near the thermostat will cause the thermostat to think that the room is colder than it actually is, prompting it to provide more heat. Be sure that you do not use an ice cube or anything else that could cause moisture to seep into the thermostat.

• Use an Electric Blanket – An electric blanket is a great way to get warm, but it’s also a great way to warm your bed and clothes. Consider putting an electric blanket in your bed and turning it on low a couple of hours before it’s time for bed. This will make your bed warm and cozy when it’s time to sleep. Additionally, you can put an electric blanket on top of your clothes. Use an outlet time to set when the blanket turns on. Setting it 15 minutes before your alarm in the morning can make your clothes warm and toasty when getting dressed.


Life Hacks For Your Car


• Use Old Socks on Your Windshield Wipers – If you’ve ever struggled with snow sticking to your windshield wipers after a storm, you know that it’s nearly impossible to remove the snow. Cover your wipers with old socks before a storm to prevent snow from sticking.

• Know How to get Unstuck – Carry kitty litter in your car, which can be put under your tires to help you get unstuck in the snow. If you do not have kitty litter with you, consider using your car’s floor mats as a last resort way to gain traction.


Don’t Settle For An Apartment


If you find that your apartment building is contributing to your winter frustrations, you should look to rent elsewhere. Apartments and townhomes that are drafty, have faulty heat systems or do not provide hot water are especially problematic during Michigan winters. Believe it or not, winter is a great time to move apartments. You can often find a good deal on rent since the winter is not considered peak season. Act now to improve your lifestyle and make the rest of winter much easier for you and your family.