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Tips For Finding Pet-Friendly Apartments

Tips For Finding Pet-Friendly ApartmentsIf you own a pet or are considering owning one at some point in the next few months, your apartment search will largely be determined by whether an apartment is pet-friendly. You likely won’t be giving up your pet for an apartment, but you also shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality living conditions because you own a pet. Consider these tips to help find quality pet-friendly apartments.


Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute


You, and every other pet owner in your area, all have a very specific condition that must be met when renting. Because of this, you should give yourself adequate time for your apartment search. Begin researching ads and rental websites well before it’s time to move. It’s recommended that you give yourself at least six weeks to begin searching.


Take Each Interview Seriously


It helps to understand why property managers may be concerned about renting to pet owners. They have a significant investment in these properties. You should always be trying to display that your pet is well-trained and calm and show the property manager that your pet will not cause any problems. If you trust your pet enough, consider taking them along with you when viewing or interviewing for an apartment.

Providing evidence that your pet is well-trained could also help. For example, a letter of reference from your current landlord or veterinarian could go a long way in gaining credibility with a potential property manager.


The Perfect Pet-Friendly Property Is Achievable


There are numerous pet-friendly properties located throughout Michigan. Many are owned and operated by reputable property management companies, such as Lockwood Management, who understands how important your pet is to you. Don’t sacrifice quality living conditions on account of your pet. Work with Lockwood Management to find the ideal rental property for you.