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What To Ask Before Renting An Apartment

Searching for a new apartment rental can be a daunting task. It can quickly become overwhelming looking at properties and weighing the pros and cons of each, especially if you are unprepared. Generally, you should consider asking these main questions before renting an apartment.


What To Ask Before Renting An Apartment What Is The Process To Pay Rent?


Before signing a lease, you should have a clear understanding of the payment structure for the apartment or townhome. Find out if there is an electronic option to pay rent, or if it must be done in person. Additionally, you should find out the procedure for late payments. How late can rent be? Is there a penalty for paying late? All of these are worthwhile questions that can help provide clarity to your search.


Are Utilities Included In The Lease?


Having to pay for your own heat and electricity can cause your rent to skyrocket. Find out what’s included in the lease. Some property managers will even provide Wi-Fi and internet access, a potential gamechanger.


What If There’s A Problem?


Find out how the property manager would like you to handle complaints. If something in your apartment needs fixing, what are their steps for fixing it? Is there a property manager on-site, or will it take a few days for routine fixes?


Preparation Is Key


Whether you are renting for the first time or are an experienced renter, preparation is the most important part of the apartment and townhome search. Even if you have rented before, there may have been features about your last apartment that you took for granted and assumed would be included in your next lease.

Be meticulous and write down your questions before visiting a property. It’s ok to be thorough and ask questions – this is the place you hope to live for a while, after all. Being prepared with questions and knowing what you’d like to see in an apartment will help drastically.

Consider making a list of all of the criteria you’d like in an apartment. In other words, what would you dream apartment contain? Then rank these criteria in order of importance. What are you willing to compromise on or sacrifice? The answers will not be the same for every renter. For example, those that don’t own pets won’t prioritize a pet-friendly apartment. On the contrary, those with pet allergies may prioritize a non-friendly apartment.

Regardless of your criteria, knowing what features are offered by an apartment will make your search much easier.


Look Into A Lockwood Property


If you’ve grown tired and frustrated with the apartment search, be sure to look into properties owned and operated by Lockwood Management. We are a full-service property management team with a unique organizational structure. Our property managers oversee a limited number of properties, allowing them to dedicate time to each one of their renters. Renting through Lockwood is a great way to gain value from your renting experience. You’ll feel valued and appreciated, and can be confident knowing that your concerns are heard. Don’t settle when searching for an apartment, and look into renting with Lockwood today.