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Cutting The Clutter For A Happier Apartment Life

Cutting The Clutter For A Happier Apartment Life When you live in an apartment, space can be very limited. Even those who have a townhome will often find that they're running out of room quickly and end up needing to cut clutter down to size and get back their apartment.

But how do you do it? After all, it's hard to know just how to eliminate clutter and downsize to give yourself more room. Luckily, there are a few great tips that can help you save space, get rid of unnecessary clutter, and feel like you have more room in your apartment. Here are some things to remember.


• Take Stock - Throughout the month, try to keep track of what you're actually using. What do you wear and what do you never put on? What items do you use and which ones are collecting dust? Make mental note of this. Then, give it another month. By now you should have an idea as to whether or not some items can leave your closet or your home without you ever noticing that they're gone.

• Use Smart Storage Solutions - Closet caddies, under-bed organizing trays, and more can all help you declutter a townhome or apartment. Try to use these solutions to maximize your storage space and get more from every closet and storage area that you have.

• Consider The Kitchen - The kitchen often gets cluttered up fast. Try to go through old spices and canned goods periodically and toss what's been there for too long. It's even possible that with the right kitchen de-cluttering, you could free up an entire drawer or cabinet for storage of something else.

• Go Minimalistic - The minimalistic look is in right now, and always should be for townhome and apartment dwellers. Filling up each room with dozens of decorations and pieces of furniture just adds to your feeling of clutter. Think about your decorating technique to make sure you keep your rooms as open as you can.


Getting rid of clutter can be a challenge sometimes, and once it's gone it's best to try to be proactive in keeping it away. But, if you ever feel that your apartment or townhome is getting buried beneath all of your stuff, keep these tips in mind to help you regain space. And when you're ready to find that perfect home, be sure to contact Lockwood Family Living.