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Simple Tips To Make Your Apartment Feel Bigger

Simple Tips To Make Your Apartment Feel Bigger Moving into an apartment means moving to a home that is a little smaller than large houses. And whether you've been there for a while and have accumulated a lot of belongings or are just moving in and want to get the most from your apartment, making sure that your place feels roomy enough is important.

There's no way to enlarge your apartment physically, but there are numerous steps that you can keep in mind which might help it feel bigger and roomier than it actually is. If you'll keep the following tips in mind, you should feel great inside your home instead of cluttered and claustrophobic


. • Think About Your Furniture - Most people know that too much furniture means that you lose tons of space in a room. Keeping your furnishings to the necessities will help your apartment feel bigger. But did you know that putting furniture against the walls actually makes your room feel more cramped? Try placing some furniture at angles and away from the walls when possible. It creates a more open feel.

• Cut The Clutter - Too many decorations and too many personal belongings sitting everywhere will quickly cause your rooms to feel closed in and full. Eliminate clutter and think of finding creative ways to store it such as ottomans with storage or closet caddies that maximize closet space. This way, you remove clutter from view and reclaim your space.

Color Matters - Most apartment complexes won't be letting you paint your apartment. But, you can choose to use furniture, rugs, and décor that is properly colored. Darker colors often make the space feel smaller than it is while lighter colors reflect the light and help a room feel more open. In other words, try to go with a lighter color scheme when possible.


These are just three simple ideas that could help you get more from your apartment. It's not always easy to maximize the space that you have, but when you master the process it become easier to do. No matter the size of the apartment you need, we have great options available to choose from. Contact Lockwood Family Living today to start seeing your new home opportunities.