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Five Things To Bring When Apartment Hunting

Five Things To Bring When Apartment Hunting Choosing your new home is very exciting. Picking the neighborhood, the space, and finding a community that matches your lifestyle can be a fun adventure. Being prepared when you go apartment hunting can ensure that you end up in your dream home. Here’s what to bring to an apartment viewing.

1. Important Documents: You want to bring all the important documents required for renting. If you find an apartment you love, this will help you start the screening process right away. That way the vacancy doesn’t fill before you are able to prepare everything. Here are the documents you should consider bringing.


● Pay stubs or bank statement

● Photo ID and social security card

● Letter of recommendation

● Vehicle Registration

● Rental history


2. Notebook And Pen: When you are looking for a space, it’s always a good idea to bring a way to take notes. Writing things down helps you remember everything from what you like about a space to what you need to prepare to sign a lease.

3. Tape Measure: Before viewing a space, you will know the square footage. However, to really understand how your furniture will work in your new space, it’s a great idea to take some measurements. A tape measure can ensure that your favorite sofa or dining table will fit nicely in your new space.

4. Camera: If you are viewing multiple places, it’s a great idea to bring a camera. Most apartment listings will have photographs of the space, but documenting what you like will help you remember which apartments stood out to you personally.

5. Apartment Wish List: Bringing your wish list is a great idea when apartment hunting. It ensures that you don’t forget any of your important needs. Quickly write down a list of must-haves, wants, and ideals to help you make the best choice for you.

If you are looking for the perfect new home, check out the family of properties with Lockwood Family Living. We have over 25 different locations with a variety of apartment complexes that can meet any lifestyle need. Start your apartment hunting with us!