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How To Baby-Proof Your Townhome

How To Baby-Proof Your TownhomeThere’s nothing more exciting than preparing for a new addition to your family. Before you bring your new baby home, you’ll need to baby proof your townhome to make sure they stay safe. Here are some tips to ensure that your townhome is ready for your little one.


Start With The Basics


No matter where you live, there are some basic baby-proofing things you should do. It’s a great idea to start with the basics such as:

● Purchase baby gates to keep them from entering dangerous areas

● Cover all the electrical outlets with plastic covers

● Place locks on cabinets and cupboards

● Remove any poison hazards like cleaning products from their reach

● Secure all furniture from tipping

● Lock up any sharp items like knives or razors

● Remove any breakables like glass vases or ceramic items

● Soften any sharp edges or hard surfaces

● Check window treatments for choking hazards

● Add locks to windows and doors


These baby-proofing procedures will help make sure your baby is safe to crawl and play in your apartment.


View Your Townhome Through Their Eyes


One of the best ways to see where the hazards are in your townhome is to get down on your baby’s level. Babies spend most of their time on ground level. So evaluate what is near the ground that could present a risk. Look for sharp objects and corners, items that easily tip over, and any choking hazards. Remove anything you can see that may be a threat.


Make Sure You Are In A Baby-Friendly Townhome


While you are baby-proofing your townhome, you may realize that you are not in an ideal place. Many townhomes, apartments, and condos are designed for childless professional. They’ll have features like stainless steel counters, polished concrete floors, or unguarded windows. These features are aesthetically pleasing, but not exactly baby-friendly. In these cases, it may be worth considering a move to a more family-friendly townhome.

When you start your new family, consider making a move to a new townhome with Lockwood Family Living. We have a variety of locations that are designed to help new families thrive. Our townhomes were designed to be child-friendly and our communities offer a variety of kid-friendly features like playgrounds, pools, and family-fun events. If you find you’re townhome is beyond baby-proofing, give us a call and we’ll find a new home that meets the needs of your growing family.