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How To Grow A Balcony Garden

How To Grow A Balcony Garden Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to miss out on gardening. A balcony garden can give you a chance to test out your green thumb without having to move. If you are thinking about adding a balcony garden this year, here are some helpful tips to get you started.


Consider The Time You Have To Care For Plants


Many renters choose to live in apartments because they have busy schedules. If you’re one of these apartment dwellers, consider how much time you have to care for a garden. There are plenty of plants like succulents that are very low maintenance that can add greenery without the work. While plants like roses, dahlias, and chrysanthemums require daily care. Really consider how much time you can dedicate to your garden.


Determine How Much Sunlight Your Balcony Gets


Before deciding what to grow, you need to determine how much sunlight your balcony gets. If you get lots of direct sunlight during the day, you’ll need plants that thrive in sun. However, if your balcony is shaded, you’ll need plants that are designed for shade. When you have a day off, periodically check the sun levels on your balcony to determine what kind of plants to get. Also take note of how hot and windy your balcony gets. Both heat and wind can stress plants, killing them.


Plan Your Pots Strategically


Growing in planters is different than growing in the ground. Planters need to be large enough for the plants for their roots to spread. The soil also needs to contain all the nutrients the specific plant needs. When purchasing a plant, talk to experts at the garden center about what pots and soil mixture is best for the plant.


Consider Your Neighbors


When choosing the plants, pots, and layout of your balcony garden, consider your neighbors. If you live above anyone, make sure that when you care for your plants you don’t get water or soil on their balcony. Also try not to plant anything that will attract unwanted pests like ants, wasps, or even rodents.

Following these tips will help you plan a gorgeous summer balcony garden. If you’ve always dreamed of having a greenspace in your apartment, but don’t currently have a balcony, give us a call. At Lockwood Family Living we have a variety of property offerings including apartments with large patios and balconies. We’ll help make your garden dreams come true.