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4 Things To Know Before You Move Across Country

4 Things To Know Before You Move Across Country One of the biggest perks of renting over owning is the ability to pack up and experience the country or the world. Moving across the country can be intimidating, but it can also be one of the richest and rewarding experiences a person can have. The United States is vast, and inside of it so many different cultures and people, and finding a new apartment far away from the culture you grew up with is a great way to experience the thick of it. Before moving across the country, however, 4 things that you should know include:


1. You will be busy – When you’re moving far away, you’re going to have all of the regular moving appointments, flights, and bustling around, and on top of that, meetings with everyone who wants to see you before you go. Plan for a busy couple of months before the big moving date.

2. Make lists – Lists are always useful, but they’re even more useful when you’re moving far away. It’s important to remember that forgetting something back home won’t mean a short drive over anymore. Make lists for packing, for your moving day, for things to do those first few days in the townhome or apartment as well as the last few in your old residence.

3. When you arrive, walk not drive – When you get to your new apartment or townhome, take lots of walks instead of driving around. When you’re working with a GPS and trying to navigate a new city, you’ll be amazed at all you miss, while walking will make sure you take in every little bit of your brand new area.

4. Take it easy on yourself – Moving to a new place is stressful, and you’ll have little things go wrong. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and try not to sweat these small things. Rather than getting overwhelmed with stress, let these little mishaps or overlooked things become learning experiences for next time.


When you rent an apartment or townhome, you’re allowing yourself the opportunity for a little adventure. You’re not tied down to any place for long, and you can experience everything the country has to offer. For more on renting close by or far away, check us out at today.