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5 Rules For A Flawless Apartment Holiday Party

5 Rules For A Flawless Apartment Holiday Party It might be summertime now, but before you know it the holidays will be upon us once again. In an apartment or a smaller townhome, this means maximizing your space for entertaining. Family, friends, and neighbors will be coming through and celebrating, so how can you make your party the best it can be? 5 rules for a flawless apartment holiday party include:


1. Look at the furniture – There are a few tricks one can use to maximize the look of a smaller space, like moving furniture away from the walls and using a few large pieces over several smaller ones. However, when you’re entertaining, you want to take the opposite approach. With folks coming by to celebrate the holidays, you’ll want to push the furniture back against the wall, remove any clutter, and really prioritize the pieces that you’re allowing to take up space. What you’re left with is the open space you’ll need for optimal mingling.

2. Cool it down – Whether it’s a Labor Day gathering in September or a New Years Eve celebration in January, you’re going to be focusing on keeping cool. When many people gather together in a smaller space, things are going to heat up, and you want to keep it comfortable. A window fan installed or on standby is a great idea, as is making sure the oven is finished being used and turned off around 1 hour before your guests arrive. If you’re able, turn down the thermostat a few degrees.

3. Figure out a coat room area – When your guests arrive, they’re likely to come with some stuff. Toys for the kids, coats, and hats, reusable bags for carrying food, gifts, or décor, and all of these things you’ll need to store for the duration of the party. Before the party starts, set aside a specific place to use as a “coat room” for storage of all of your guests’ belongings. Making the bed and using the bedroom is a great idea that keeps everything out of sight and out of the way.

4. Spread the apps around – In a smaller apartment or townhome, squeezing everyone into one room isn’t always an option. For this reason, spread out the appetizer course with some dishes in the kitchen, some in the dining area, and some on the coffee table. This keeps the space uncrowded and keeps the guests moving and mingling.

5. Limit food clutter Hosting a party in any sort of home, not just an apartment or townhome, can create a lot of dishes and a lot of food clutter. Rather than serving many different courses requiring many different dishes, focus on finger foods or toothpick foods that eliminate large plates and utensils whenever possible.


Entertaining for the holidays can be a great time in an apartment or townhome. To learn more about apartment living and entertaining, contact us at today.