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6 Dog Breeds Perfect For Apartment Living

  6 Dog Breeds Perfect For Apartment Living Dogs give us a certain kind of companionship that humans just can’t find anywhere else. Few things are more heartwarming than coming home from a long day of work to happy eyes and a wagging tail waiting for you by the door. Some apartment dwellers, however, feel like having a dog isn’t really an option for them. While some dogs do require a lot of exercise and space, this isn’t something that rings true across the board. If your apartment allows dog ownership, there are plenty of breeds out there that live happily and thrive in an apartment setting. 6 dog breeds perfect for apartment living are:


1. Basenji – Basenjis are a lesser known breed, but one that is actually a great choice for those living in apartments. Not only is the dog breed relatively small, weighing around 25 pounds, but it is bark-less as well, so you won’t be bothering the neighbors next door. One downside of a Basenji, though, is that they can get a bit mischievous if left for long periods of time. For those who work long hours, a Basenji might cost you a few pairs of shoes if they’re not kept occupied.

2. Brussels Griffon – A Brussels Griffon is a small and lively breed who lives for cuddling and companionship. Another smaller breed, the Brussels will typically weigh less than 20 pounds, and they’re highly trainable.

3. Chinese Crested – Chinese Crested dogs are not only small, but remarkably low energy. For those who don’t have the ability to exercise their dog regularly, but still wish for the companionship that a dog brings, this is the breed you’re looking for. A low-maintenance temperament makes the Chinese Crested often quiet and friendly.

4. Dachshund – Dachshund dogs are one of the most recognizable breeds out there, and they’re the perfect mix of hound and small dog traits. A Dachshund is highly trainable and can’t get into too much trouble due to their small size, and they may be exercise entirely indoors if one wishes.

5. French Bulldog – French Bulldogs were originally bred to be a miniature version of an English Bulldog, but what came of this breeding was quite a different breed altogether. French Bulldogs are low-activity dogs who are small in size and will rarely bark without good reason for doing so, making them an ideal choice for close-quarters living.

6. Pug – Like Dachshunds, Pugs are instantly recognizable, except they’re known for a squishy face instead of little legs. Pugs are low-energy dogs, they rarely bark, and they’re generally friendly and affectionate to their owners, neighbors, and friends.


There are many dogs out there who are perfectly happy living in an apartment. To learn more about apartment living, contact us at today.