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Making The Most Of Your Small Closet Space

 Making The Most Of Your Small Closet SpaceApartments and townhomes aren’t really known for having the most spacious, roomy, and sprawling closets. That doesn’t mean that you can’t keep organized, however, and all it really takes is a little careful and creative planning. Making good use of the space you have may truly surprise you with how workable small closets can be. 5 ways to make the most of your small closet space are:


1. Add shelving – In most apartment closets you have one single shelf above the hanging rod, and it’s on this one shelf that you must fit out of season clothing, boots, hats, accessories, and all other belongings not currently being worn and placed on a hanger. Temporary shelving can be a huge help in creating more space, and this can be done right behind where clothing hangs so its hidden from view.

2. Use bins for out of season – Rather than keeping out of season clothes in the closet, apartment dwellers can really maximize their under bed space by sliding a few plastic containers underneath filled with their out of season pieces. Coats and sweaters, which take up a lot of space, fit nicely out of sight and out of mind.

3. Use your suitcases – Closets are also often home to luggage and suitcases, which sit empty until the next vacation. Rather than allowing them to sit empty, they’re perfect holders for shoes, accessories, and more.

4. Make use of kitchen cupboards – In the kitchen, you have your most frequently used cupboards and shelves, but what about those difficult to reach spaces above or on top? In these spaces, you can very easily store away shoes, out of season clothing, and accessories.

5. Over-door displays for shoes – Shoes can go in the closet, but they’re known for taking up quite a bit of space. For those who have a lot of pairs of shoes, using an over-the-door hanging shoe display can lay out every pair in a way that is perfectly organized while using typically unused vertical space.


With some creative thinking, apartment closet space can be perfectly organized and functional. To learn more about what apartment living can offer for you, contact us at today.