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Downsizing Tips for Future Apartment Living

Downsizing Tips for Future Apartment LivingIf you find that it is time that you move from a spacious home that is just too much for you to a smaller apartment for easier living, then you may find that you will need to downsize considerably to accommodate your new apartment living lifestyle.

But, where oh where do you begin?

The following are just a few downsizing tips you can use as you go on your journey from house to apartment living to make it that much easier on you.

Limited Storage

One of the biggest aspects to keep in mind when making this move is the limited amount of storage space you may be facing when compared to your previous home. This is when you need to take a long and hard look through your closet and drawers and other areas of the home and decide what you actually need.

It is probably safe to say that those pairs of shoes and that waffle maker you haven’t seen in ages may be what you need to leave behind. However, if the attachment to your stuff is too strong, you can consider a small storage unit to hold your overflow items, so you have some more time to really think about what you do and do not need.

Exercise Equipment

Perhaps you had the luxury of some exercise equipment in your home, and now that you are moving, you won’t have the space. Well, this is where you can seriously take advantage of any amenities the apartment complex offers. Do they have a gym on site? Then you can forego taking your stuff and utilize what is already there.

Always Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until the last minute to start the process of downsizing. Start early, set goals, and make sure you do your best to meet those goals. It will make the move much easier and a lot less stressful.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Finally, don’t forget to look at your current lifestyle and what makes you comfortable and happy when you are at home. For example, do you have an oversized couch that you simply never use? Maybe it is time to let it go, and you can utilize a smaller love seat in the apartment instead to maximize your space.

Remember, downsizing can be pretty stressful, but if you stop and really consider what you do and do not use, you will find that it is much easier to get rid of some things. Also, don’t feel like just because you spent a lot of money on an item, you have to keep it.

You can always sell the stuff you aren’t taking with you, offer it to a family member or friend, or store it in a safe space until you are ready to consider it again. 

If you are ready to move and are looking for affordable living options, contact us today to see what we can offer you.