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Tips For An Eco-Friendly Move

Tips For An Eco-Friendly Move Eco-friendliness and sustainability are big priorities for many in today’s day and age. With the further realization of what human waste is doing to the environment and its ecosystems, more and more folks are trying hard to limit their carbon footprint in all aspects of their lives. Moving is no exception, and there are things one can do to make their move a greener one. A few tips for an eco-friendly move are:


• Donate and sell – If you’re moving to an apartment or townhome, and you don’t plan to take all of your current stuff with you, there are greener strategies than simply throwing everything away. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and donating any salvageable items is a great way to ensure they continue to live in the hearts of others, as they had in yours at one time. Better yet, if you wish to make a little extra cash, hosting a yard or garage sale before making your donation drop off can fatten your wallet while saving landfills from taking on any more waste.

• Creative recycling – If you’re planning to part with some documents or papers before moving to a new apartment, consider what that paper can be used for before you throw it away. Shredded documents make excellent eco-friendly packing materials for storing fragile items in boxes.

• Creative packing – It’s not just your recyclable materials that make great packing alternatives. Before investing in Styrofoam, packing peanuts, or newspaper, consider those items you’re taking along with you anyway. Soft pajama pants, towels, sheets, t-shirts, and socks all make a great alternative for packing fragile items, and it’s a completely sustainable choice that creates no excess waste.

• Recycle your cardboard boxes – After you’re finished with your move, you’re going to have quite a bit of cardboard on your hands. While there are plenty of steps you can take to lessen your carbon footprint in other areas, eliminating the use of cardboard is close to impossible. However, what you do with that cardboard makes all the difference. In your area, postal services and recycling centers may be happy to take it off of your hands and make sure it goes to good use.


Making your move eco-friendly is a lot simpler than most people imagine. While moving in and of itself tends to be stressful enough, taking the sustainable approach can actually lessen some of this stress in really helpful ways. To learn more about making an eco-friendly move, or to find your next apartment or townhome, contact us at today.