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5 Tips For Keeping Cats Happy In City Apartment Living

5 Tips For Keeping Cats Happy In City Apartment Living For apartment dwellers, cats are a pretty solid pet. They offer a lot more in terms of companionship when compared to a goldfish or hamster, but they’re not as high maintenance as a dog. Basically, a cat makes a great apartment buddy who won’t be disappointed in a small space, can take pretty great care of themselves when needed, but who will still be your best friend at the end of the day. For city apartment living, however, some extra precautions should be taken to ensure your cat is the happiest they can be. This doesn’t just go for inside of big city limits, but bustling areas of any sort. 5 tips for keeping cats happy in city apartment living spaces are:


1. Make friends with fellow cat people – Finding fellow cat lovers in an apartment setting is pretty easy, and it can really work to your benefit. When you seek out other cat people living in the same apartment area and form friendships, you’ll always have a cat-sitter when you go away, and they will, too.

2. Provide some kitty entertainment – Especially in busy areas, the outside can be a dangerous place for cats. However, just because the danger is present, that doesn’t mean cats will lose interest in all of the sights and sounds coming in from outside. A windowsill is a perfect place to set up a cat entertainment space, and windowsill extending kitty beds affixed with apartment-friendly suction cups ensure that this is a space perfect for even bigger cats.

3. Make sure she’s microchipped – If the worst comes to pass, and your cat sneaks their way out of the apartment into the outdoors, a microchip can save her life. Microchips are implanted under the cat’s skin and may be scanned by veterinarian’s offices, rescues, and shelters, linking your cat to your information. Basically, a microchip is a tag that can never dull or fall off.

4. Bring a little outdoors to the indoors – For cats who loved or have taken a special interest in the outdoors, bringing a little greenery inside can be just what the doctor ordered. For city apartment living, cat grass and catnip can provide kitty with just that touch of the outdoors they may need to feel right at home.

5. Keep litter under control – In a city apartment, your quarters may be closer than they were in a more rural townhouse rental situation. What this means is that rather than giving your cat their own litter box area away from it all, it’ll now be part of your living space. However, using the right litter to trap odors, and there are plenty to choose from, can make all the difference. Another necessary investment is a litter tracking mat, which will clean your cat’s paws of all residual litter before they reach the floor.


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