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How Can I Make My Small Living Room Look Bigger?

 How Can I Make My Small Living Room Look Bigger?Apartment hunting will typically show you smaller living rooms than you’d find in the average single home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the space you’re given. In most cases, a small apartment living room is all about perception, and it’s much easier than most imagine to open up the space and give it a large, lofty, and airy look. With the right interior design tricks, any apartment living room can be maximized for both function and style.

The first thing you’ll want to do when making your small living room look bigger is recognize that horizontal space isn’t the only space. Too often apartment hunters ignore the amount of vertical space a living room offers, instead focusing on the horizontal space as the primary layout. By using up this vertical space, you’re not only getting a more balanced living room, you’re getting one that looks significantly larger. Artwork hung up high, long hanging drapes, and removable shelving, so décor can be placed vertically, are all great simple solutions for using up this vertical space.

Next, you’ll want to consider the visual weight of your furniture and décor. Heavy, bulky, and luxurious pieces are going to not just take up more physical space, but more visual space as well. When tables, sofas, and chairs have a more lightweight appearance, they’re able to open up the space making it appear bigger. An example would be placing a chair with open legs next to a large closed armchair, and even if both are sized similarly, the closed armchair will look as if it’s taking up more room.

Soft neutral colors can also have a massive impact on making small apartment living rooms look bigger and more spacious. These lighter colors are better at reflecting the light, rather than absorbing it, creating the illusion of an airier space. Another perk? With light neutral colors, you never have to worry about your décor not matching the wall, floor, or carpet colors. If you’re looking for an apartment or townhome with a living room you can’t wait to call your own, contact us at today.