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Five Clever Storage Ideas For Studio Apartments

Five Clever Storage Ideas For Studio ApartmentsHaving a studio apartment with less square footage doesn't mean you have to make do with less, just that you need to be clever how you organize your space. If done well, a smaller space can end up with as much storage area as a large apartment. Here are five clever ways to increase storage:

1. Double Duty Furniture: In today's market there are many options when it comes to furniture that is double duty. For example, coffee tables or ottomans that also contain storage inside. Include baskets or small bins in your bookcases to keep necessary items stylishly contained. Utilize headboards that have storage options. Stack vintage suitcases to showcase your knickknacks and provide more storage space.

2. Vertical Space: When you look at your walls think up. Hanging storage especially in the bathroom and kitchen will open up lots of room and if done right can be a stylish addition to your room.

3. Removable Hooks: Living in a studio you want to minimize any damage to walls so removable hooks such as Command can be a lifesaver. Use them in closets to hang bags, ties, hats, and scarves. In kitchen cabinets they can hang pot lids, cooking utensils. Even your router can be hung up to improve reception.

4. Bed Risers: Four simple bed risers and you have increased your storage by the size of your bed. A few boxes under the bed can hold Christmas items, winter clothing, or any other items that are not used on a regular basis. Another option is to buy a bed that already has drawers underneath.

5. Room Dividers: Wherever possible an attractive room divider that can hold storage baskets or bins is ideal to break up your space and provide storage. It can be from floor to ceiling or something as simple as a short bookcase tastefully decorated. A rolling cart is another good idea to divide small spaces and allows for more surfaces in your studio for entertaining. It is also useful in the kitchen to store wine or baskets of fruit and vegetables.

Maximizing the storage space in your small apartment can be a challenge, but these ideas can help. Another idea is to give us a call at Lockwood Family Estates. Even our studio and one-bedroom apartments have large floor plans. So no matter how much stuff you have, you can find a way to keep it organized in our spacious apartments.