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Six Ways To Decorate Your Townhome Walls Without Paint

Six Ways To Decorate Your Townhome Walls Without PaintMost townhomes come with the walls all painted in a neutral color throughout. If you are renting, painting is not always an option. So how do you add some color and instill your personality in your space? Here are six ways you can decorate without painting:

1. Wall Tapestry: Hanging a wall tapestry will enable you to cover a large area of wall and enhance any room. It can be a rug, fabric you love, or even a fun DIY project. Pay tribute to the 70s with a macrame wall hanging for a fun option.

2. Fabric: Cover your wall with fabric to make a faux wallpaper. With the simple use of a curtain rod at the top and bottom of the wall and fabric you can turn any wall into a statement wall. Another option is to use the fabric and starch method of removable wallpaper.

3. Photo Wall: Using removable hooks make a photo wall with photos, mirrors or even interesting antique frames all painted to mirror your tastes or maps and pages from old books. Whether they contain family photos or your favorite photos cut from magazines, it will not only decorate your wall but present a focal point of interest for your visitors.

4. Removable Wall Graphics: Today the varieties of removable wall graphics are plentiful and will match any decor you have in your home. If you are on a budget Washi Tape is an excellent option and allows your creativity to flow.

5. Temporary Wallpaper: A lot of companies are now offering peel and stick wallpaper. These are offered in a variety of bold prints but also in your favorite colors. They are not only easy to install and inject some color in the room, they can help protect your walls from damage. 6. Floating Wall Shelves: Floating wall shelves allow you the option of placing a few select spaces or covering an entire wall to display your colorful photos, knickknacks, plants, and books.

Your home decor options do not have to be limited just because you are renting a townhome. These clever hacks will not only help you achieve the look you want, but will also ensure you don’t have to deal with the mess and stress of trying to paint in your rental. If you’d like more decorating tips for your townhome, follow our blog at Lockwood Family Estates. We love sharing all the clever ways townhome owners come up with to decorate their homes!