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Bring More Light Into Your Townhome As The Days Grow Shorter

Bring More Light Into Your Townhome As The Days Grow ShorterAs the fall drifts in, the days become shorter. When the darkness encroaches on your townhome before dinnertime, it’s time to uncover ways to make the most out of the available light. Consider these tips to transform your townhome into something lovely.

Make The Most Of Mirrors

The easiest and most stylish way to get more light into your townhome is by using mirrors. Not only will this magnify the natural light in any room, it will open up your space to appear bigger. When it comes to proper placement, try adding:

• A full-length mirror between two large windows. This gives the illusion of a third window as it maximizes natural light. • Two large wall mirrors placed on adjacent walls. A placement like this makes the light travel around the room.

• A big mirror on a wall directly across from a window. The view of the outdoors will be reflected in the mirror, creating a stunning effect. It also increases the flow of natural light.

• A large mirror above the mantle. A classic and stylish look that brings in extra light and makes your living room look more spacious.

• A sunburst mirror above your bed. This fills in that blank space beautifully and ushers in the sunlight.

Add Glass And Shine On

Anything shiny will reflect light in the rooms of your townhome, while glass makes everything look natural. Think about:

• Gold doorknobs, brass candlesticks, silver picture frames

• Brass lettering on a dark wall

• Glass coffee tables and end tables

• Acrylic chairs and furniture

Lighten Up

Nothing will make your townhome crawl from the depths of darkness to the lightness that it deserves than the right lighting.

• Floor lamps can add light and design when you place them in dark corners. Lamps made from shiny materials, such as brass, will reflect more light than muted lamps.

• Table lamps can be useful in the bedroom. Place them at the bedside or on the dresser for instant light to read by, light to live by, and light to make your bedroom more than just a place to sleep.

• Candles bring a warm glow to any townhome. Choose scented, unscented, beeswax, or no-flame LED candles. No matter what type you choose, the extra light they bring is subtle and relaxing. (Never leave a burning candle unattended.)

Living Options To Light Up Your Life

No matter how you choose to bring in the light this fall and winter, be sure to do it in an apartment or townhome at Lockwood Family Estates. With so many living options to choose from, your eyes will light up when you see the perfect place to call home. Contact us to discover what we have in store for you this fall.