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Organizing Your Apartment Now Gives You Free Time Later

Organizing Your Apartment Now Gives You Free Time LaterWhen your apartment is clean and organized, you have more time to get out and do the things you really love. Fall is the perfect time of year to enjoy your weekends by taking crisp walks in the park, spending mornings with a pumpkin spice latte, or getting started on your holiday shopping.

When your apartment is a cluttered mess, however, those pumpkin lattes become a long-lost dream as you spend your weekends getting everything in order.

Maximize Your Time

What if you could maximize your weekends by doing a minimal amount of cleaning on a daily basis? By spending just a little bit of time cleaning your apartment or townhome each weekday, you can enjoy your weekends to do whatever you please. Start with these simple tasks.

• Tackle a little bit of laundry each day. For example, make a plan to wash towels on Tuesday, whites on Wednesday, and tops on Thursday. However you decide to arrange it, at least you won’t be doing seven loads on Sunday.

• Do the dishes after every meal. Whether you do them by hand or you have a dishwasher, don’t let them pile up until you “have enough.” You’ll find that by the time you have enough, it’s already too much.

 • Pick one day of the week to clean the bathroom. Stick to multi-purpose products and keep everything under the sink or somewhere with easy access so you don’t waste time looking for cleaners.

• Make friends with disinfectant wipes and paper towels. Wipe down kitchen counters and fridge doors while you chat with a friend. Disinfect doorknobs while you wait for take-out, and wipe down the remote controls while you binge watch your favorite show.\

• Vacuum a different room of your townhome each day, or pick one day to do them all.

• Choose one day each month to tackle bigger projects such as cleaning out the fridge, organizing closets, and taking stock of the pantry.

You can always reserve an occasional Saturday morning for anything you missed during the week, but once you build a routine to keep your townhome clean and organized weekly, you’ll discover a pattern that works best for you. At Lockwood Family Estates, we offer a variety of living options that fit your organized and fun lifestyle. From apartments to townhomes, give us a call to find the perfect place for you to call home.