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Make The Most Of The Holidays In A Townhome

Make The Most Of The Holidays In A TownhomeThe holidays are a time for togetherness. From family to friends, there is nothing more enjoyable than getting together to share a meal and good company. People who live in small spaces, such as an apartment or a townhome, might think that hosting a dinner is next-to-impossible. We’re here to let you know that it’s not only entirely possible, but it’s easier to do than you think.

• Maximize your space. This means moving things out of your living room and storing it in your bedroom temporarily. Get rid of the exercise bike, clean off the dining room table, and move the junk mail from the kitchen island. Less stuff means more room, and you want people to have that room to mingle.

• Maximize your seating. The only thing that you might need to bring into the room is more seating. Borrow chairs from neighbors, clear off ottomans, and hang coats in the closet where they won’t take up space on that glider chair in the corner. Angle a few chairs close together to encourage conversation, and put a folding chair or two near the couch.

• Minimize your food worries. You don’t need to have a sit-down dinner. Go buffet style by placing it all on the kitchen counter, or dining room table. Let guests help themselves and then go back to their seating in the living room. Spread a large picnic blanket on the floor to encourage a more casual and intimate affair.

• Minimize after meal clutter. Forget the glass plates and goldware that can pile up on your already space-limited countertops. Buy a bunch of disposable plates, cups, and utensils that can be tossed in the garbage can when finished. This makes less work for you and more time to spend with guests.

When you get creative with your space, no one will care that they’re sitting on the floor. They’ll simply enjoy the good food and great conversation that you’ve taken steps to provide. Keep the holidays happy in your townhome, no matter what size. Looking for a new townhome to host your next holiday dinner? Whether you’re living alone, with a roommate, or an entire family, we have a variety of living options that can meet your needs. Contact us today to find a place to make your holiday brighter.