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The 5 Best Pets For Apartment Life

The 5 Best Pets For Apartment LifePets can bring happiness and harmony to your home. After all, animals will love you unconditionally and never tell anyone else your deepest secrets. People who love animals can sometimes find apartment living, or even apartment hunting, a bit more difficult when it comes to their non-human friends.

While large and loud animals can pose a problem, there are still plenty of pets that are perfectly suited for apartment life. Before you decide to live a life without pets, take a look at the five animals that might just make your apartment hunting a bit easier.

Find The Right Pet

1) Cats. These furry creatures are the most popular apartment dwelling pets. They never need to be walked outside, and they are quite content with indoor-only life. If you provide them with plenty of love, good food, a few toys to kick around, and an empty box or two, you’ll have one happy kitty.

2) Dogs. Dogs are the most popular pet in homes across America. Small dogs, such as Pugs and Yorkshire Terriers, can be very happy in small spaces. As long as you get them out for a walk a few times each day to stretch their little legs and do their business, they’ll be perfectly fine for your apartment.

3) Fish. Fish are one of the most popular pets you can get, despite the fact that you can’t actually pet them. They’re relatively low maintenance and require only a small space in your apartment. Fish can be beneficial to your health. Studies show that just watching them swim around can lower blood pressure and stress in adults while improving hyperactivity disorders in children.

4) Hamsters, Guinea pigs, and rats. Rodents require very little space and are quite easy to care for. Most do better in pairs, so be sure you have a cage that meets the size requirements to house them. These furry friends can also be picked up and cuddled, making them quite popular for apartment dwellers.

5) Birds. Birds can be a lot of fun, and are very pretty to look at. You’ll need room for a large cage, and you might hear them chattering away all day, but as long as the neighbors don’t mind, a bird can be your feathered friend for a long, long time. Always speak to the property manager about what types of animals are allowed in your apartment complex before you take the final step to pick out a pet.

Find The Right Apartment

If you’ve been apartment hunting and looking for a place that will welcome you and your small pet, look no further than what we have to offer. Not only will you find a beautiful apartment that meets your needs, you’ll find a wonderful place that you and your furry, scaly, or feathered friend can call home. Contact us today for more information.