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3 Exotic Pets Suitable For Apartments

3 Exotic Pets Suitable For ApartmentsPets can make your home life a lot more interesting, and there are many apartment complexes that are perfectly fine with allowing pets. However, while the vast majority of household pets are cats and dogs, you might not like either one, or you might already have a cat or dog and want something a little less expected.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other pet species out there for you to adopt, and many of them don’t need much space and do perfectly well in a small apartment. If you’re wondering what sort of pet to get next, consider one of the ones on this list.

1. Hamsters

Hamsters are a classic choice for rodent pets because they’re cute, fuzzy, and an easy first pet to own. Originally from Syria, hamsters can get all the exercise they need from a wheel and a large terrarium, or you can put them in a hamster ball and let them explore your apartment. However, you need to be very careful about letting them out of their cage without a hamster ball because these rodents have no trouble making a home for themselves under the furniture or appliances.

2. Tarantula

If arachnophobia is something other people worry about, then you might consider buying the classic hairy spider called a tarantula. Tarantulas are perfectly safe for humans since their venom isn’t dangerous even for very old or very young handlers. It can be fascinating to watch them hunt crickets or grasshoppers in a terrarium, but be careful about handling them because you might injure them and you definitely don’t want them to escape.

3. Chinchilla

The chinchilla is a very cute and sociable rodent that originally came from the Andes mountains. They’re also friendly and active, but this means they need a lot of time and attention from their owners. You’ll need to let them out of their cage for some exercise in the mornings and evenings, plus they “bathe” in a special pumice dust and need regular dental care for their constantly growing teeth. Still, they can be very rewarding pets for experienced pet owners.

There are many other pet species that thrive in apartments, especially ones that have no trouble living in a cage full-time. Lizards are easy to care for and low-energy while frogs are cheap to feed if you don’t mind them making noises at night. Contact Lockwood Residential today to find out which of our properties allow apartment-friendly pets.