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4 Options For Moving Furniture Between Apartments

4 Options For Moving Furniture Between ApartmentsAny sort of change to your lifestyle, income level, or family size can demand a change in apartments. However, once your apartment hunting is over, you have to start figuring out how you’re going to move all your belongings from one location to another. The amount of stuff you have to move can really take you by surprise, especially if it’s been a few years since the last move. You might not have the kind of vehicles and equipment you need to bring your furniture from one apartment to another, but fortunately, there are ways of getting what you need.

1. Borrow A Pickup Truck Or Minivan

Just because you don’t own the right vehicle for a move doesn’t mean your friends and family don’t have something appropriate. If you need help for a cross-town move, you can probably find friends and family members who would be happy to help you out, and one of them may have a truck or know where to get one. It may take a few trips depending on how much furniture you have and how big it is, but the cost will be very low aside from the pizza you’ll probably have to buy everyone.

2. Rent A Trailer

If you already have a large vehicle but you don’t have enough space, either because you have very large furniture or you need to travel farther and make fewer trips, then you might consider getting a large trailer that can hold extra furniture and boxes. However, you should remember not to overload the trailer and go past your vehicle’s towing limit.

3.Rent A Truck

Some vehicle rental companies offer trucks that range from very large pickups to just small enough that you don’t need a commercial license to drive them. These companies also let their customers turn in their rentals at any location, which is convenient if your apartment search has taken you across the country. However, you may need to do some measuring to make sure you get the right sized truck.

4. Hire A Moving Company

If all else fails or you need a lot of professional help bringing all your furniture and belongings to a new home, then it’s time to hire a moving company. They can get the job done quickly and usually don’t mind long trips, but make sure you do your research to find movers who will respect your furniture and treat your fragile belongings with care.

Moving between apartments is a stressful time and usually a major hassle. That’s why it’s important to match your apartment search with a search for the right way to move your belongings. If you do, your move to a Lockwood residential apartment will be as low-stress as possible.