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Can You Host A Big Party In A Small Apartment?

 Can You Host A Big Party In A Small Apartment?Having an active social life can be challenging if you live in a small apartment with fewer than 3 bedrooms. While you can always go out and spend time at someone else’s place or bring a birthday party to a public space like a bowling alley or a bar, there’s a certain prestige you get from playing the host and using your own home. It’s hard to imagine using a small apartment to host 10 or more guests, but with enough planning, you can have a surprisingly rousing party without much space to spare.

Use All Your Rooms

While you should be careful about where you keep your valuables when you have a lot of guests over, that doesn’t mean you have to block off whole rooms. After all, if you have fewer than 3 bedrooms to spare, you might as well use every room you have available. Allowing people to enter your kitchen means you can leave the party food there and save space on what’s probably a small dinner table, and letting guests into your bedrooms lets you add extra seats and set out different activities that won’t overlap.

Offer Party Games That Don’t Need Space

With a large group of people in a small apartment, you should avoid party games that require a lot of space for people to move around. Even if there’s enough room to clear a space for one person, that space may have furniture or decorations you wouldn’t want them to hit with a wild swing. Instead, choose party games like the head’s up game where you have to guess the word on a card stuck to your forehead, or a game like Taboo or Apples to Apples that you can play with groups of any size.

Ask For Help With Cleanup

If you don’t have a lot of space to spare in an apartment with less than 3 bedrooms, you’ll probably have even less once the party ends and all your guests have left behind their plates, bottles, cups, and leftovers. It may come off as a little tacky, but your friends and other guests should understand if you go around during the middle of your party to ask them to pass around a garbage can and recycling bin and have them clear off the tables. It shouldn’t slow the party much, but it’ll make your life much easier.

With the right approach and good planning, you shouldn’t face much trouble when you host a large group in a small apartment. It’s all a matter of choosing how to use your space and keeping your guests entertained even if they can’t move around much. So no matter what kind of Lockwood residential home you choose, you’ll be able to keep hosting parties as part of your family’s social lives.