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Why Choose A Townhome Over A Single-Family House?

Why Choose A Townhome Over A Single-Family House?Like the traditional single-family residential house, a townhome is a property you can buy rather than rent (although you can also find rentable properties of both types). However, while a traditional house sits on its own half-acre of land, a townhome is part of a larger complex with several units pushed together to make a set of long buildings. With more units in a smaller space, townhomes are less expensive than single-family homes, but it also means you and your family have much less space to yourselves. So what makes people seek out townhomes?


With much less space between homeowners, you have more opportunities to meet your neighbors and get to know them. This helps build a sense of community that many people appreciate, especially if their neighbors are all around the same age as them. Professional Maintenance When you own a residential house with a full yard, you’re responsible for all the maintenance both for the yard and for the house itself. When you own a townhome you need to pay a monthly maintenance fee, but in exchange, you get professionals who come in and take care of everything: yardwork, paint, roofing, furnace repair, and so on. Unless you’re very good at do-it-yourself home maintenance, this arrangement is both more convenient and saves you money.

Cozy Space

For many prospective homeowners, a townhome has exactly the right amount of space and the perfect number of rooms. Single-family houses can be on the small side, too, but they tend to be larger and many individuals and families don’t want that much space. They might be individuals who only need space for one person, new families that don’t plan on growing much bigger in the near future, or older families that need less space now that the kids have all moved out.

For various reasons, many people are choosing to live in a Lockwood Residential townhome instead of a freestanding single-family house. If these reasons make sense to you and you live near one of our locations, you should stop by and see what our townhomes have to offer.