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How To Clean Your Apartment Without Harsh Chemicals

How To Clean Your Apartment Without Harsh ChemicalsThere are hundreds of different cleaning products on the market today. From the bathroom to the kitchen, and everywhere in between, you can find products that kill germs and make things sparkle. The trouble is, many of these products are filled with harsh chemicals that are bad for your skin, your lungs, and your planet.

3 Natural Wonders

There are several natural products on the market today that are better for the health of your home and planet, but those that actually work are quite expensive. If you really want to go natural, and keep a bit of change in your pocket, consider these three tried-and-true cleaning products that every healthy apartment should have.
Baking Soda
You can usually find a box for less than a dollar, but it’s worth much more than that in cleaning power.
• It does walls. Apply to a damp sponge and use to remove scuffs and marks from the wall.
• It cleans carpets. Sprinkle on the carpet and vacuum up to freshen the rug – this works great on spills and pet stains.
• It removes cooking stains. Use in place of abrasive chemical products to scrub stains from stovetops and cookware.
White Vinegar
Quite possibly the number-one product to clean your apartment naturally. It’s versatile enough to use in any room, plus the laundry.
• It does windows. Mix with water in a spray bottle and get shine without streaks.
• It digs a mop. Vinegar, hot water, and dish soap get their groove on when you use to mop everything from hardwood to tile.
• It unplugs the drain. Remove the drain plug and pour in a half cup of baking soda. Follow with a cup of vinegar. Let sit for 30 minutes then flush with boiling water.
Hydrogen Peroxide
This bleach alternative has big power in its inexpensive brown bottle. It whitens, removes stains, and kills even the heartiest of viruses and bacteria.
• It does toilets. Pour a half cup into the toilet, let sit 20 minutes, then scrub away with a clean brush.
• It protects your plants. Mix with water and spray on your houseplants to prevent fungus growth.
• It’s a kitchen helper. Since its non-toxic, you can use peroxide around food. Use in the fridge, on cutting boards, and to disinfect sponges.
Keeping your Lockwood Residential apartment clean and green is a cinch when you stock up on these inexpensive wonders. If you’re in the market for a new floor to mop, a new kitchen sink to scrub, and a new carpet to vacuum, give us a call to explore all of the living options we have to offer.