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These Are The Best Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

These Are The Best Dog Breeds For Apartment Living Apartment hunting can be tricky if you plan to have a dog. Finding a place that will accept pets is an important feature to look for. Even if you don’t have a dog right now, it’s good to have the option open to get one once you settle in. If your apartment hunting adventures have led you to a place that’s open to furry friends, maybe it’s time to think about what breed would work best with apartment living.

Dog Size Isn’t Everything

There’s more to think about that just dog size. While you probably shouldn’t get a Mastiff if you live in an apartment, the overall size of the dog isn’t as important as the overall energy levels. There are small dogs that are high on energy, and therefore not well-suited for apartment life. Other dogs might be larger, but prefer to lounge the day away on the sofa. The qualities that make any dog suitable for apartment living are:

• Those that are calm while indoors – If you work a job, you’re going to leave your pooch indoors daily. Choose a breed that’s ok with not stepping out ten times a day.
• Quiet ones that don’t bark at everything they hear – Apartment life isn’t always quiet. Package deliveries, visitors, and basic sounds of life can send some dogs yapping at every pin drop.
• Breeds with low energy levels - Some breeds are high-energy and need to be run out in order to settle down. Others won’t settle no matter how much running they do.
• Those that are polite with people (i.e. other residents) – Avoid breeds that bark at your neighbors in the elevator, on the sidewalk, or in the lobby. Choose breeds that make people love them.

Best Bet Breeds

If you’re ready to add a furry friend to your life, here are the best breeds that meet the needs of apartment life.

• Pug – small, relatively calm, and quiet. The cute factor is through the roof.
• Dachshund – they don’t jump, they love to snuggle, and they get all the exercise they need indoors.
• Miniature Pincher (Min-Pin) – looks like a small Doberman, but is a different breed. They are small, adjust well to apartment living, and are very affectionate.
• Shih Tzu – they look like royalty and love to sit on the throne (couch) all day. They are affectionate and have no interest in digging holes or chasing cats.
• French bulldog – quiet, loving, and low-energy, these pups are prime for apartment life.

Finding A Home For You And Fido

If you’re still apartment hunting and looking for a place to call home, look no further. Lockwood Residential has living options that can meet a variety of needs. We put our best into high-quality apartments that give our residents everything they need to live happily ever after. Fido included. Contact us today to find out which location is right for you.