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This Is What You Need When Moving Into Your First Apartment

This Is What You Need When Moving Into Your First ApartmentMoving into your very first apartment is an exciting experience. No matter how much creative control you had over your bedroom at home, or your dorm room at college, there’s nothing like having control over your entire living space.

There are obvious items that are needed for daily apartment living. Furniture to sit on and a bed to sleep in are must-haves. But what about dishes? What about towels? What about a nice floor lamp? Before you panic over what you need for apartment life, sit down, make a list, and then hit the shopping center for some of the apartment essentials you’ll need to get started on your journey of independence.

In The Kitchen

Getting take-out every night not only gets boring, but it also gets expensive. In order to make simple meals once or twice a week, you’ll need the following basics:

• Pots and pans – fry pan, pot
• Baking sheets
• Dishes
• Flatware – spoons, forks
• Knives – serrated, chef’s
• Measuring cups and spoons
• Cutting boards – plastic for meat, wood for everything else
• Oven mitts
• Cooking utensils – large spoon, spatula
• Garbage can
• Coffee maker – a money-saving tool that’s worth every drop

In The Bathroom

You’ll need to buy your basic necessities like soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. But you’ll also need:

• Toilet paper
• Towels – bath, hand, and washcloths
• Shower curtain and liner
• Bathmat
• Toilet brush and plunger
• Small trash can
• Hand soap
• Cleaning supplies for the bathtub, toilet, and sink

In The Bedroom

You probably already have the majority of items you’ll need in the bedroom because you’ve lived in one up to now. If you have a dresser, a bedside table, and a bed, you’re halfway there. In addition to the furniture, here’s what you need in your new apartment bedroom:

• 2 sets of sheets
• 2 pillows
• Comforter
• Lamp
• Laundry hamper
• Hangers for the closet

In The Living Room

Furniture to sit on is important, but a big screen TV can wait. Though you don’t need these items before you move in, keep an eye out for good deals on the following, and purchase them as soon as possible:

• Sofa
• Small dining room table with chairs
• Coffee table
• Floor lamp

Cleaning Supplies

You’ll want to keep your apartment clean, and that requires a few supplies. These items are to get you started; you can always add on over time:

• Vacuum cleaner
• Mop
• Bucket
• Sponges – use separate ones for dishes and cleaning
• Microfiber cloths
• Paper towels
• Multi-purpose kitchen cleaner
• Spray disinfectant
• Laundry detergent
• Dish soap
• Rubber gloves
• Broom and dustpan
• Garbage bags

Love Your Apartment

If you’re apartment hunting for the very first time, choose a place that will feel like home from the moment you step in. With many living options and community locations to choose from, Lockwood Residential has the right apartment to meet your needs. Come and see us today.