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Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Into Your New Apartment

Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Into Your New ApartmentWhile renting an apartment might seem like a pretty easy and straightforward thing to do, there are still plenty of mistakes people make after they find a place, meet the landlord, and prepare to move in. The following are a few of these mistakes and what you can do to avoid making them as you prepare to move into your new apartment.

Always Read the Lease

It might seem like a given, but you would be surprised by how many people don't actually read the lease before they sign. Yes, it can be quite long, sometimes spanning thirty pages, but not reading through it might end up being one of the biggest mistakes you could make.

When reading the lease, pay attention to specific parts including where it says how much the rent payment will be each month. Always make sure that it is the agreed upon amount. In addition, check all the names, the dates, notices, and other property rules and agreements.

Landlord Isn't Always Liable

If something breaks, many renters think they can just call the landlord to come over and fix it. However, this isn't always the case. Most rental contracts expect the renters to perform the smaller upkeep and maintenance on the apartment. If something bigger breaks, such as an appliance or the air conditioning unit, then a call to the landlord is warranted.

Don’t Rent an Apartment You Haven't Seen

Never rent and sign an agreement on an apartment you haven't even seen in person. While the internet and Google maps can provide a plethora of information, it is still not the same as actually touring the property yourself to make sure everything is as you expected.

Not Having Renters Insurance

Having renters insurance in place when you get a new apartment is always a good idea because it covers your personal belongings in case they become damaged or even stolen. Some landlords actually require that you obtain this type of insurance as well, so you need to carefully review the lease.

Documenting Damage

Finally, when you move in, be sure to document any damage in the apartment. Check for cosmetic damage, any issues with the appliances, lights, and even HVAC system. Verify everything, take pictures of what you can and be able to prove that the existing damage was there before you moved in.

Avoiding making these common mistakes when moving into your new apartment can help ensure a smoother transition.

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