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Storage Hacks for Smaller Apartment Living

Storage Hacks for Smaller Apartment LivingIf you find yourself with a smaller apartment and you haven't been able to downsize as much as you might have liked, then you can use a few storage hacks that are ideal for smaller apartment living. The following are just a few easy things you can do to maximize your available space and organize your apartment more efficiently.

The Living Room

The living room is one of the main focal points of the home, and it is where your guests go when you entertain. For these reasons, you want it to be a comfortable and organized space that is free of clutter. In a smaller apartment, the living room may also have to function as more than just the living room as well, so it is important to find ways to maximize the space and create a functional area.

Organizing the living room can be as easy as choosing the right furniture pieces. For example, a coffee table with a removable top that offers storage is a great piece. It is also a very stylish piece which is a bonus.

You can also use a trunk as both a coffee table and additional storage as well. Need extra guest seating? A bench with storage compartments is the perfect solution. You can store media such as records or anything else you need to store while also providing ample seating for your guests.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is another well-trafficked area of the home, and with all the small kitchen appliances and other necessities you need to find room for, you may be overwhelmed with such a small space to work with.

To maximize the kitchen space, try using a pocket organizer under the sink to make the vertical space work for you. You can also use command hooks on the inner cabinet doors to hang towels or other small items or use baskets to keep everything together.

Acrylic organizers for the drawers, cabinets, pantry, and even refrigerator are also great. They can hold all your smaller items neatly. Have items you use but not very often? Store these items in the higher cabinets and keep the items you use more frequently within arm's length.

The Bedroom

Under the bed storage is a must for a smaller apartment. Under the bed organizers can hold extra linens, pillows, bags, shoes, or anything else you need out of the way and possibly out of sight. It also frees up much-needed closet space as well.

When it comes time to apartment hunt for the best space for youwhether big or small.- contact us today to help you with the process.