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Make Your Guest Bedroom Feel Like A Welcome Retreat

Make Your Guest Bedroom Feel Like A Welcome RetreatThe Christmas holidays are long gone, but the summer vacations are slowly approaching. When the weather warms up, people get the travel bug. And if your apartment has 3 bedrooms, you might find yourself with a few visitors this spring and summer.

Hotel Amenities

The key to making your guests feel welcome in your home is to take one of your 3 bedrooms and turn it into a special retreat. Think about the amenities that you look for when staying at a hotel and try to duplicate those amenities in the guest bedroom. Start with the bed and work your way around the room until you create the perfect space.

The Bed

A pull out couch, a futon, or an air mattress are all fine for the guest room, but a good quality mattress will give your guests the good night sleep they need. Cover it with clean, quality pillows and linens, a comforter, and an extra blanket on the side. And always supply an extra set of bedding just in case.

Storage Space

Be sure to offer at least two empty dresser drawers and 2 feet of closet space (with hangers) to your guest. Have a table or a luggage rack available where a suitcase can be set down. An end table next to the bed should have a small bedside lamp and a lighted clock, but leave enough empty space for your guests to fill as they see fit.


Wi-Fi is a must. If you don’t have Wi-Fi, provide a cord and connection to hook up a laptop. Set up a charging station where iPads and phones can be plugged in. Provide a small television set in the corner and add a DVD player for entertainment. A small radio is always welcome. Be sure to show guests how to use remote controls and place them near the bed for easy access.

Snacks And Stuff

A basket of fruit, crackers, cookies, and trail mix are great for late night munchies. Supply a few bottles of water for hydration. Consider a one-cup coffee maker and a supply of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and cups as well as cream and sugar. Leave a few magazines, travel books, crosswords, and the local paper for quiet time reading when your guest wants to relax. Don’t forget the pens and pencils.

If you don’t have 3 bedrooms in your apartment, maybe it’s time you moved into a place that does. An extra bedroom opens up your space to host people from across town to across the world. Contact us today for more information on how to find the 3 bedroom apartment that’s right for you.