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Prepare For The Arrival Of Allergy Season In 6 Steps

Prepare For The Arrival Of Allergy Season In 6 StepsDoesn’t springtime make you want to throw open the windows of your apartment and breathe in the fresh air? If you suffer from seasonal allergies, this might not be a good idea. From stuffy noses to watery eyes, allergies can make people miserable. Where some people see the beauty in the trees, you see only the pollen that falls and confounds your entire day.

With a little preplanning, however, you can get a head start on the season and make it more bearable than ever before.

Step One – Start treatment. If you already know what over-the-counter pill or nasal spray brand works best for you, start taking it about 10 days before the season begins. If you have no idea where to start, pick one and proceed with trial-and-error before the season kicks in.

Step Two – Keep the outside out. Keep the doors and windows of your apartment closed to keep the pollen from entering. Use the A/C and clean the filters regularly. Vacuum often to remove pollen that can get tracked into your apartment. Dust regularly. Shower before bed to remove allergens that have accumulated in your hair.

Step Three – Track pollen levels. There are many places where you can find the daily pollen activity in your area. From the local news channels to the Weather Channel online, keep track of the best times to avoid peak hours.

Step Four – Remember the mold. Tree pollen isn’t the only allergy inducing culprit of the spring. When the weather warms up, areas that remain damp can be a breeding ground for mold. Check under the bathroom and kitchen sink in your apartment. Remove anything that shows mold growth. Consider a dehumidifier for areas that show over 50% humidity.

Step Five – Talk to your doctor. Your allergist or general practitioner can do extensive testing to discover which types of pollen trigger your symptoms. They can also give you more treatment options to alleviate symptoms. Some people have had good luck with allergy shots and acupuncture.

Step Six – Consider a move. You might have a mold problem that continues to come back. Or, you might live next door to a garden center. If your allergies are triggered by the place you live, consider moving to a new apartment.

We offer plenty of locations to choose from that just might make your life a bit easier. Take a look at all we have to offer and consider moving for the sake of your health. Contact us today.