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What Not to Lose in Your Junk Drawer

What Not to Lose in Your Junk DrawerJunk drawers are definitely a part of the home that we don't always care to admit to. Even if you are normally a very organized person, there is still probably a space in the home that acts as the catch-all for your stuff. It usually isn't until we begin moving that we find all the hidden treasures that made their way to the junk drawer.

Apartment Living

Apartment living means using all the available space you have as much as you can. It doesn't matter if you are moving into a one bedroom or a three bedroom apartment with little space or even too much space, there is always going to be that one junk drawer that we turn to for dumping items that don't have their own designated spot.

However, there are a few items that you want to make sure stay away from the junk drawer:

Important Papers. If you have important papers like birth certificates, pay stubs, and other valuable documents, you want to make sure they are safe and sound in their own designated area. You don't want to risk losing these documents and having to spend valuable time searching for them when you need them.

Take Out Menus. What do you do with all those take out menus that you collect? Take out menus are especially important when you first move to a new apartment because it is showing you all the options available to you in your new area. But instead of collecting those paper versions and have them litter the home and wind up in the junk drawer, why not just utilize the mobile apps for your favorite restaurants instead?

Sauce Packets. The dreaded collection of sauce pockets. This is one of the most popular items that find its way to the junk drawer. You save them thinking that you are going to use them in the near future, but they just keep piling up and never get used. Instead of keeping them, get rid of them. It is much more economical and space saving to have the full sized versions of your favorite condiments ready to go in your refrigerator.

If you are moving to a new apartment, it is the perfect time to go through your junk drawer and eliminate these items so you can start fresh in your new home.

If you need help along the way when finding your new apartment, contact us today to find out about opportunities in your area.