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Decorating a Small Apartment on a Budget

 Decorating a Small Apartment on a BudgetSo, you have recently moved into your new apartment but want to put more of your own personal touch on the space but find yourself with a limited budget and even limited space to do so. If this is the case, we have a few great decorating tips you can use for your small apartment while staying on budget.

Purchasing Furniture

When choosing the pieces of furniture to put in the apartment, you should consider pieces that are double duty. For example, instead of just a coffee table, you should consider a coffee table that also doubles as a storage compartment. This will help maximize the space you have while still providing you with an important piece of furniture you want for your living room.

You don't necessarily have to buy all new pieces either. Thrift shopping is a great way to stretch your dollar and gives you the opportunity to find great pieces that you can customize and really make your own.

Hang Big Mirrors

Having a large statement mirror in the apartment is a very affordable way to make it look like you are working with much more space. It also doubles as a great art piece for the wall as well. Many statement mirrors are very artsy and decorative, and the reflection makes the room appear much larger than it really is.

Floating Shelves

Instead of bulky bookshelves that take up a lot of space in the apartment, you should consider floating bookshelves instead. They can be placed anywhere out of the way that you have the space, and it frees up the floor. You can even purchase floating shelves for the corner to maximize the wall space even more effectively.

DIY Décor

Are you at all craft savvy? DIY décor is a budget-friendly, creative, and fun way of decorating the small apartment space while putting your own personal touch on everything. You can use old wooden crates and other scraps of wood to create your own floating shelves. You can even make your own artwork, bookends, and even coasters.

When you do the project yourself, you can control how big the piece will be and you can do it affordably with items you may already have on hand or second-hand items you come across so you can easily stay within your budget while decorating your smaller apartment and taking advantage of any and all space you have.

Need to move on to a bigger space or having trouble finding an apartment altogether? Contact us today to go over all your available options so you can start decorating your own home as soon as possible.